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We are updating the site and working on some new initiatives. Unfortunately, that means we can't accept any new submissions for the time being. In the mean time, feel free to give our related project, Ant Picnic, a try!

What is the School of Ants

A red ant

The School of Ants project is a citizen-scientist driven study of the ants that live in urban areas, particularly around homes and schools. Teachers, students, parents, kids, junior-scientists, senior citizens and enthusiasts of all stripes are involved in collecting ants in schoolyards and backyards using a standardized protocol so that we can make detailed maps of the wildlife that lives just outside our doorsteps. The maps that we create with these data are telling us quite a lot about native and introduced ants in cities, not just here in North Carolina, but across the United States and, as this project grows, about the ants of the world! If you'd like to participate, read about how and join us!

About us

Dr. Andrea Lucky

Dr. Andrea Lucky heads the School of Ants project, which is based in both her lab at the University of Florida's Department of Entomology and Nematology and the lab of Dr. Rob Dunn in Biology at North Carolina State University. Email us at if you want to know more.


This project would not have been possible without the hard work and generosity of several hard working and very talented people. Thanks to Rob Dunn, who runs the lab at NCSU. The maps are largely the work of Mike Weiser and Benoit Guenard. The beautiful ant photos for the School of Ants are generously provided by photographer Alex Wild. This project is funded by the National Science Foundation (Grant #09533390), HHMI and the NCSU Department of Biology.