Engendering respect for ants - a trial School of Ants in Australia

Today we have a guest post by Dr. Kirsti Abbott and Kate Lafferty, who are championing the exploration of ants in Australia and inspiring kids to appreciate the often overlooked wildlife that surrounds them. They are also spearheading the effort to make the School of Ants an international project. Stay tuned for School of Ants Down Under!


I think it would be fair to say that when the extension students at Deepdene Primary School in Melbourne first started their School of Ants experience they were sceptical. They very deliberately told us that they thought ants “were just tiny brown and black things that get into your sugar. What on earth could we learn about them that is interesting?” And we nodded, smiled and proceeded with what would be a turning point in their respect for not only ants, but little things that we so often miss in our busy, upward looking lives. Those very same, sceptical kids had changed their tune after 10 weeks to “ants are the most amazing creatures alive!”, and “I never imagined that ants would be so diverse and interesting”.

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